3wisemen studios

What we CAN do

What WE can DOThink, imagine, ideate, create
WHY we DO it – to keep learning new STUFF, to FEED the brain, to KNOW and to GIVE something BETTER to our DESIGN.
WHAT inspires US – Life, the Universe and Everything.
Colors, people, feelings, technology, harmony in chaos, chaos in order, the PC, the Internet.
WHAT keeps us GOING – Deadlines, new projects, new software, new technology, food, good music, and loads of RAM.

3wisemen studios


clearly understand what you need, express it the way you need to see it.
New age presentation of content and design in tune with your brand with a slick, free-flowing style…
WHAT we CAN’T – exchange QUALITY for QUANTITY or forget the SANCTITY of the art and the medium..
WHY US – to make sure the money spent is worth it, to see something in your work you’ve never seen before, to make your presence felt…
WHAT’S in it for YOU – a brand new identity booster shot, that extra edge of reason over the rest of the rabble.. a visual definition.

Services Overview

Web Design

The need to maintain eye contact in the virtual marketplace where there’s always room for more, for everyone. Creating a space exclusively for the whole world to share, like a gateway into a mind that invites interest. If you want to define your very own space in infinity, we will do the interiors to match your plans.

Visual Effects

The science of casting creative illusions on every mind that begs for it, turning even unimaginative skepticism into wide-eyed wonder. Defying time, place and reality to whisk away suspended belief and make a story, a picture or an idea come alive. If there’s room in your imagination , we will make it as real as you want it to be.

Interactive Media

The magic that lets every child fulfill his dream of talking back to the screen, having deceptively simple functions at his commanding cursor-tip. Teaching kids or technophobic adults, leading their attention by the finger to what they want to know. If you have an intelligent activity for intelligent people, we will make sure the two get along.


The power to marry the inertia of rest with the inertia of motion, at our fingertips. Starting a blank canvas and building a thriving new universe that lives and dances to our tune till it suddenly acquires a mind of its own. A story to tell, a name to uphold, a concept to define…if you have the fuel, we’ll start the fire.

Audio Production

The force that gets you noticed even before you’re seen. A jingle which plays on long after the radio is turned off. The perfect soundtrack to give your film a new voice. Ringtones, sound effects, or the kind of audio mixing that brings waterfalls and wars into living rooms. Mindspace is always between the ears. So if you want to be talked about, we’ll get you heard.


The advantage of taking your work around the globe without leaving your desk. By setting up your office, gallery, or a world of your own on the web, that too with endless storage space. Just pick a domain name and we’ll do the rest – from construction to complete site planning and hosting. So if you’re looking to move up, we’ll help you move into the best address on the web.

3wisemen studios

WHAT we have DONE

lived LARGE and always believed that our imagination is bigger than the place where the stars live..
HOW we DID it – fed the brain with new knowledge to think creatively, rejoicing in all things sinful to harness the power of the mind… WHAT we do BEST – creating something out of nothing without leaving our chairs, exploring new concepts in design and new media. Showing a point of view to a client that’s been there all along but went unnoticed..keeping things SIMPLE.

3wisemen studios


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